How it works

We offer one-stop-shop support to our clients. Give us a call, describe your problem or define your need, and we will allocate the right Ventuz Specialist or even a task-force for your project.


We will take care of everything from availability check, scheduling, booking, flight- and hotel reservations, visa processes to anything else that is necessary to make the work with your Ventuz Expert as easy and convenient as possible.


We will provide you with one invoice that sums up all services. The Ventuz freelancers charge us so you don´t have to deal with multiple invoices.



We´re not an agency - we provide freelancers

Ventuz Experts is not another Ventuz agency. We do not do conceptual work, we do not manage pojects. We support agencies and clients who manage their own projects by adding Ventuz freelancers as additional ressources to help them realize their projects.


How much does it cost?

Freelancers make their own prices according to their very own expertise, the location and the complexity of the project. Ventuz Experts will make the effort to negotiate between clients and freelancers until a satisfactory outcome for both sides is found.


Ventuz Experts takes the liberty of charging no more than 10% as a fee for our services.



Who`s behind it?

Julia Glück has been acquainted with Ventuz since 2006. As Senior Project Manager for one of the most renowned event agencies in Dubai, she bought in Ventuz expertise for event shows and presentations in big event productions in the Middle East, Europe and the US.


She moved back to Germany in 2008 to work for one of the first and biggest designated Ventuz agencies as Project and Business Development Manager. In 2015 she opened Ventuz Experts as a platform to connect the demand for Ventuz know-how with the respective specialists. 


With years of experience Julia has contacts to almost all available Ventuz Freelancers in the world and the ability to analyze your project in regards to the specific Ventuz know-how your project needs. 


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