And what do we do for you?


  • You decide - It´s up to you if you are going to take or leave one or the other job. Once registered with Ventuz Experts it doesn´t mean you are bound to take the jobs offered.
  • No more acquisition - In a best-case scenario you don´t have to do your own acquisition ever again but will receive requests from Ventuz Experts for your future projects.
  • No exclusivity - Ventuz Experts will never ask you to sign any sort of exclusivity agreement. You are always free to work with whoever you like outside of Ventuz Experts. Except, of course, clients we brought to you.
  • Money talks - We´ll also take care of that for you. Ventuz Experts will make the effort to negotiate between clients and freelancers until a satisfactory outcome for both sides is found.
  • No organizational stuff - because we will take care of that. We will coordinate everything around the job, from travel to accommodation to anything else that might occur. You just have to be there and do your magic.
  • Easy invoicing - No more lengthy payment follow-ups, because you will invoice Ventuz Experts. If desired we can even do your entire invoice-process for the respective project as an extra service for you.


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