Meet your Ventuz Experts

Ventuz Experts has contracted the most capable Ventuz specialists around the world. Below are only a few examples of some Ventuz Experts and their specific expertise.






Anton is a programmig wizard. His background was initially the backend development for SAP integration, SAP Gui, Web Dynpro/ABAP, BSP(MSV), Web UI(WebClient), UI5, ABAP, ABAP OO, DDIC, BOL/GenIL, RFC/IDOC/SOA, BRFPlus.



But on the Ventuz side with his background knowledge, he managed to get a real grip on C#, C# Script Node development, XPath, SQL, .net Remoting.


Anton is not a designer but will do the most awesome stuff with awesome designs. 



Christian has been a Ventuz guy of the first hour. He has been in the business ever since Ventuz was born and has worked in and managed some of the most renowned Ventuz agencies in the world. His knowledge is versatile.



He´s not only a good designer and can build amazing stuff in Ventuz - he also has broad experience with the Ventuz logic and integration of external data sources.


Christian is also a Ventuz trainer and can be booked for trainings in collaboration with the Ventuz Academy.



Dennis is a self-made Designer and Ventuzian who has a vast experience in the Ventuz market through years of working in agencies, in his own company and as a freelancer.


Dennis is one of the most renowned Ventuz designers and making awesome looking designs in Ventuz really is his first and foremost quality. Besides that Ventuz logic, remoting, 3D work and even some scripting also belong to his assets. He speaks Russian fluently and is definitely MVP material.



Dondi calls New York home and he is one of the few freelancers based in the US. After having gone through extensive Ventuz training at one of the most renowned Ventuz agencies in Germany, in addition to comprehensive training at the Ventuz headquarters in Hamburg, Dondi is our first Ventuz-Expert in the US. 



With a career spanning more than 24 years in all phases of graphic design, creation and production, his last station placed him in Times Square for 15 years as Creative and Technical Director of a production department responsible for digitally-branded advertising for the NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters signs. Integration of social media, user-interactivity and external data aggregation for display was already an integral issue to him at this venue. Here is where Dondi discovered the virtues of Ventuz and he decided to stick with it.




Guillermo is based in Madrid. He has been in the Ventuz circus since 2010 and has worked on many different projects in southern Europe and all over the world – in agencies and as a freelancer since 2014.



Guillermo is quite the allrounder with a focus on Ventuz logic. With his background in motion graphics he has a good understanding of making Ventuz animations look really good, but has worked himself more and more into the logics side of things throughout the past years.



Jochen´s background is video and 3D animation. This makes him a true allrounder. He can design and make things look VERY nice but he also gathered a lot of experience in programming and logics throughout the years.


His Ventuz skills are remarkable and he´s sure one you can dump a problem on and he will come up with a solution. Due to the fact, that he also works with the Unity3D engine, his understanding of realtime grafics and 3D models is well-grounded. He has also given Ventuz trainings and has great skills with clients on the project management side of things and can also be booked as a consultant or technical director. 




Ralf is originally an architect. So his understanding of spacial design and rooms that communicate is phenomenal. Now, as a media designer he has specialized on innovative media solutions for 3D visualizations and interactive real-time solutions. 


Ralf has it all, he can design and make things look really good, but also has the technical understanding of how to make the things work how they are supposed to.




Sebastian has a strong production background. Not only does this guy know where to get the latest in technological innovations, he will also make these technical gadgets do awesome stuff.



His Ventuz expertise lies in making hardware speak to eachother. And since his roots are in programming, he can make everything communicate!


He also has a great talent for project management and coordinating things on the technical side and can also be booked as a technical consultant / technical director. He´s one of those guys who keeps the big picture in sight, even when things get stressful.



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